Monday, August 15, 2011


Monday, August 15, 2011

We all love Etsy here at Indie Gals however, there are times when we, like others, get really frustrated with the site.  There have been too many times that we’ve seen crafts that look like it could have been created by a 10 year old make the front page time and time again.  On the other hand, we watch extremely talented artisans struggle for each and every sale, many times failing, only to close up shop.    We don’t quite understand the dynamics of how front pages are chosen but it would be nice if the powers that be let some newcomers’ treasuries hit the front page and not just the seasoned Etsy shop owner.

In this issue we are going to do our part in rectifying the oversight by highlighting some shops that we think are extraordinary.  These shops have been around for a little while but haven’t had much in the way of sales, so please visit them and see what they have on offer.  If you like something, please convo them and let them know; there’s nothing like positive feedback to heal ailing morale and creativity!   They might also like to hear that you found them here on Indiegals Blog!

We’d love to hear from you if you want to suggest a store, artist, designer or artisan that you think is worthy of notice.

Monikque carries beautifully designed jewelry such as her Alice in Wonderland Necklace.   She describes it as “Intricately embroidered and exploding with hand-made silk petal flowers, crystals, glass beads, seed
beads, Swarovski crystals in assorted shapes and colors makes this piece a true Wearable Art.
Adjustable Silk Ribbon closure”.  Her Alice’s Blue Garden Bracelet is just as spectacular.
monikque monikque1
This stunning Champagne Asymmetric Bridal Head Band Tiara by indulgencecouture on Etsy is just the thing to add an elegant touch of class!    Her lovely designs are breathtaking and attest to the workmanship needed to create such beauty.   Any bride would feel like a princess with this delicate crowning glory.   She is what we consider one of Etsy’s international stars, hailing from England.
simpleedesigns colorful and calming Fairie Garden necklace will leave you breathless.  This cabochon brooch is a work of art with its old world charm!
  sim lab
Also found was  Haydee; an Intricate gold filled necklace with rose quartz, pearl and whiskey quartz by SofiesC  is fabulously chic.
    Another stunner is this White Oleander necklace from the Spring is Sprung collection by amberhatchettdesigns.  It’s added details like the pretty white enamel flowers make it a winner in our book!  Her designs are fun and funky with a youthful spirit as shown in her All Keyed Up necklace.  
    amber1 amber1a
    Beautiful Creamy Soft Wool Women’s Hat that is felted kn it is just so adorable and beautiful too.  We love the funky designs we found at FlyingFuzz which remind us all that we’re never to old to have a little fun!  Check out several more of their amazing designs!
    fuzz fuzz1bfuzz1a
    A great way to remember a loved one who is no longer with you is with Memory Pillows from hugablememories.   They take clothing from your loved one and turn it into a comfort pillow which we thought was a wonderful and novel idea.
    If you want some really awesome soul stirring photos, check out AbstractNotions.  We loved the black and white photography especially but appreciated the unique angles and point of view this artist has.   The photos below are just wicked good!
    abstract abstract1

    I love irises so DeborahChapin’s  Canvas Giclee - Siberian Iris, Blue naturally caught my eye as did the second picture.  She is a fine artists with lots of talent as you can well see!
     chapin2 chapin1
    RobinEva makes some truly delightful purses as evidenced in this Paisley Purse and Medallions Purse.
    robin1 eva
    Adorable Summery Baby Beanies by OohBetty were as nice as her Wavy Crochet Scarf in cream, blue and green.   
    ooh1 ooh1a 
    We simply adored these hand cut handcrafted wood puzzles from hammcrafted.  Check out some of their goodies.
    hammc hamm ham


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