Wednesday, February 16, 2011

INDIE: Vintage vs New

INDIE GALS ARE BACK!  We’re back after a long hiatus due to a bunch of factors that are over and done with.   Even more committed to bringing you the best of Indie on the Net, we’d love to hear from you if you want to suggest a store, artist, designer or artisan that you think is worthy of notice.

This issue continues to exam Vintage Indie against New Indie in a contest of sorts.   It is a personal choice; some folks cannot abide the idea of wearing something that belonged to someone else.  They get their minds wrapped up into honeycombed thoughts about health and hygiene instead of style and discovery.   Others love vintage for what it is....a way to make a statement and to stand out as an individual.  When you shop vintage, you won’t see yourself on every street corner, you walk with confidence - some your own, some probably borrowed from previous owners.   You are carrying a bit of history with you and displaying it in a parade of “if you don’t like it, look the other way” attitude and carefree style.

Personally, I love to collect vintage hats, vintage linens, old sterling repousse’ and overlay, vintage furniture, vintage prints and pottery & glass.    Take a look at some of our hat comparisons and let us know what you think. 

Please be sure to come back for our next issue.


Here we have a delightful handmade Red Linen Cloche Hat  and lovely Wide Brimmed Canvas Hat we found on Etsy from Bonnies Knitting.  She incorporated vintage buckles to each giving them an authentic vintage flair. 

This stunning Vintage Look Flower Headpiece (left) by EmeraldDiamond on Etsy  adds an elegant touch of class!   Also found on Etsy,  we found the Tweed Cloche Hat (right) by MoaningMinnie is chic yet subdued and a must have for Spring.  We loved the fabric selection on this gorgeous hat and thought it very reasonably priced at $45.

vintage lookcloche

    Another stunner is this Emerald Beauty Cloche Hat created by LilyBekicMillinery.  It’s classic styling with added details make it a winner in our book!   We also loved her modern spin on this classic beret.  Her added detailing just blew us away!


    Beautiful woven Straw Hat (left) with pretty velvet that we discovered at TheMillineryShop is slightly larger than a pillbox and quite unique.   Another discovery was a Woman’s Fedora (right) in heathered chocolate and pink.

    straw  fedora

    We’ve featured a lot of hats from master hatmaker, BoringSidney from Etsy.  Her hats are by far our favorites and looking at the ones below, you’ll know why.  Josephine Baker hat is glam all the way and brings back the modern flapper!  The adorable Cloche of Red will take your breath away!


    Dolly Doll is a bit of silk elegance while Racing Carnival is full blown over the top elegance in the extreme!

    The ones above are all new INDIE hats that are handmade by various designers.  Below are vintage hats that beautifully preserve a little bit of history.


    The first of our VINTAGE finds is this 1960s Emerald Green Velour Pillbox Hat from hemlines.  The Wolf & Dessauer Straw Hat is lovely and fresh enough to fit seamlessly into today’s fashions.


    Check out this amazing vintage Christian Dior Hat found at FeistyBroadDesigns.   What a great vintage 50s Fox Hat uncovered at VICTORIASVINTAGE4U.  It is 1930s glam worthy and beautiful. 

      dior  fox

    The Antique Victorian Riding Hat is sure to turn heads.   It looks like something Scarlett O’Hara would have worn and can be purchased at GetLuckyVintage,  Talk about lovely, this vintage Red Hat with Hearts is a show stopper!  You can see this and others at theblackcatcloset.


    Stunning vintage Wide Brim Hat is just the number for Spring.  It reminded us of lemon and tangerine sherbet and was found at KlassyKlassics.  This gorgeous vintage Brown Leaf Hat is so pretty it reminds me of a rich chocolate cake.   Found at Honeybrownvintage on Etsy; doesn’t it look good enough to eat? .


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