Friday, September 23, 2016

Retrophoria: A Place To Sell Only Vintage Items

There are a lot of venues for selling items online; Ebay, one of the biggest started out humble and wonderful once upon a time.  Now Ebay is the superstore of Ecommerce with new and vintage items.  When it first started, Ebay was solely vintage and I, amongst many other buyers and sellers watched it turn into a place where there is too much new, not so great quality merchandise, mostly from China.  Vintage goods are still going strong but the marketplace is flooded with too much and there are a lot of key word spammers so you get the impure search results.  Etsy was a great venue too, with ways to keep the key word spammers at bay, however they took those safeguards away.  Now the poor honest, hardworking independent artists and sellers have to compete with larger companies, yet again, from China.  We have nothing against China, just for the thousands of companies from China who manufacture low cost, low quality goods made to last for a few months at best.

Retrophoria is a company that has been around for a little while but hasn't seemed to be able to garner that much attention.  Yes, the site is pretty basic and they had some issues with Etsy uploads at one time but those have been fixed.  The best thing that Retrophoria has to offer is there no listing fee and small 3.5% fee when an item sells.  It still has a ways to go to compete with some of the larger markets but I do not think that is their aim.  I believe it is to be a purely vintage site that stays true to their origins.  Their platform lets you sell items from the 1920s to the 1980s, which we think should be expanded to earlier than 1920.  The interface for selling is very easy to use and it does not take long to list an item.  They have a duplicate item feature if you have something similar to sell that saves you time and energy.  In their own words "Retrophoria is an online marketplace where people who are passionate about collectibles can buy and sell vintage and retro items. Now there is a place that is completely dedicated to the sale of vintage items."

I've dealt with them personally and they are very open to suggestions and corrections that make the site more functional and easy for buyers and sellers alike.  It is refreshing to be able to email for help and get a quick response from someone truly interested in your comments or questions.  If you sell vintage and you sell online, try giving them a try and help boost a truly vintage only online selling venue.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fresh New Spin on Baby Onsies

If you know someone with an infant, toddler or child up to age 6, you have got to check out one of our favorite kids wear and art designers, Casey Kroger of The Kase Collective.   She has just completed the cutest collection of  adorable animal and artwork based baby onsies and kids t-shirts.  It is such a fresh approach and her designs are not your old boring pastel blue, pink and yellow.  She adds some spice by making the colors bolder, brighter and using her designs in fun ways.   Her talent for creating her "Kritters", which are both adorable and unique, is endless.

Casey's items have been featured on Zulily, who contacted her about putting her products on their site.  Normally you have to apply and wait for approval since it is a juried site.  Her sales have been more localized to the Denver area but she has a new store on Etsy showcasing her latest designs as well as her website, The Kase Collective.  To accomplish this she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her new line with the hopes of getting them into stores in the near future.  Her ultimate goal is to produce fabric with her trademarked designs and share them with the world.

Check out some of her wonderful baby onsies and Kickstarter offers:
baby onsie ababy onsie dbaby onsie ebaby onsie cbaby onsie bbaby onsie f


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Great Children's Wall Art Prints: Kase Collective Kritters on Zulily

I was looking at one of my favorite sites, Zulily and discovered one of my favorite Etsy stores, Kase Collective, running a sale today.  Zulily is a site that offers discounts on a variety of merchandise, from furniture to clothing and accessories.  Kase Collective Kritters, a collection of juvenile art, is done by Casey Kroger who has an Etsy store called The Kase Collective.  Etsy is  another of the team’s favorite sites for discovering fresh, new indie sellers and items.  We just want to congratulate Casey for her lovely designs being featured on Zulily, whose standards and acceptance guidelines are quite difficult.  It is a juried site and sellers have to apply and have their items judges and deemed good enough to run a sale on Zulily.  I reached out to Casey and found that they liked her items so much that they actually contacted her about putting her artwork on Zulily, quite a rare honor!  Take a look at some of her fabulous artwork and visit the sale at Kase Collective Kritters on Zulily.  **Please note that the gray frame is only to show the image size since they are on white cardstock and each image in an individual image even though they look like 3 or 4 attached..


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Painted Furniture Company Adds A Bit Of Color to Boulder, Co.

We love everything about vintage, from clothing to architecture and often spend our weekends roaming the highways for hidden treasures.  Alas, it was the Internet highway that lead us to our latest find – The Painted Furniture Company in Boulder, Colorado. 
This little gem of a shop boasts three levels filled with wonderful vintage solid wood furniture a few blocks from the Design District in downtown Boulder.  Upon walking in you might think this is not your granny’s furniture, it is, actually, yet much better.  Once unwanted and forgotten solid wood heirlooms have been transformed into playful, fun, hip furnishings perfect for today and the future.  Furniture once viewed as “old” and “boring” has had a metamorphosis as dramatic as a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon a stunning butterfly.  The artfully reimagined furniture boasts sometimes bright, sometimes metallic finishes which catch your eye as well as your imagination.  Another plus about The Painted Furniture Company is that if you get tired of the color of the piece you buy, you can have it reinvented yet again with a new coat of paint.  The owners look for only the highest quality and construction in the pieces they stock.  They give free reign to their talented artists who perform the incredible transformations as is evidenced below.  
The Scarlet dresser (bottom left) is a French Provincial beauty priced to fly at only $285.  The wonderful plum and cream color combination is truly lovely. You have to love the color of Armeria sofa table (bottom right), another steal at $210.
  pfc10  pfc15
One of our favorites has to be the Black Lace coffee table (bottom left), so chic and classy.  The Bell china cabinet (bottom right) is lovely with its leaded glass doors and contrasting sky blue paint inside.  A bargain at $885.
pfc table  pfc1
The Groot dresser (bottom left) with its wonderful hand painted tree scene was so wonderful it sold already.  The Jumanji coffee table looks like a weathered piece of wood from deep in a jungle and will add a bit of the wild to your d├ęcor.
pfc12  pfc7
The Samantha armoire (bottom left) has beautiful carved detailing on the door and is shabby cottage at its best while the Cottage Crystal hutch is the perfect storage piece.
             pfc9         pfc hutch
The Twilight armoire (bottom left), with its soft subtle grey color, will blend in with most color palettes.  Another lace effect finish can be seen on the Silver Lace dresser.
      pfc14          pfc11  
The most unique piece, which has sold is the Plum Flare (bottom left) chest of drawers.  It looks like a wonderful Victorian “Painted Lady” with its fabulous colors and lacy accents.  Lovely molded drawers abound on the Bailey dresser in a washed blue.
pfc dresser     pfc3 
Two toned subtle sweetness shows through this lovely claw foot sofa table (bottom left) which can double as a desk .  We love it in the pale aqua. The shabby princess won’t be able to overlook the Ashley cabinet with its feminine touches and pale lilac color.
pfc4  pfc2
The Disco night stand (bottom left) will take you back to the 80s with high style and it’s homage to the Art Deco era.   We think the mid century bi-level Glass Leaves table is so adorable and sure to catch your eye.
pfc5  pfc6
We felt the Telluride dresser (bottom left) had loads of style and a snappy color.  The Shiprock side table or night stand is wonderful with the corkscrew turned decoration in distressed pale blue.
pfc13  pfc8   
If you are in the Denver/Boulder area, don’t forget to drop in and see these amazing transformations in person!  Their info is: The Painted Furniture Company, 1580 Canyon Boulevard, Boulder, CO 
Phone:  (303) 444-1307