Monday, August 3, 2009


We're back after a long hiatus and a few moves later, ready to return to the business at hand. This issue give you a closer look at the vintage indie combination which includes vintage as well as items made from vintage goods and "repurposed" items. We have to thank all of the artisans who kept replying to our call for shops to feature, even in our absence. We greatly appreciate you talent and your perseverance. Thank you to all who continually watch for our blog posts and have been more than patient with us. We are striving to make our posts more often so that we will be able feature more Indie artisans. Some of our upcoming issues will be "A Look At Vintage Indie", "Drop Me A Line", "Pure Indulgence" and "Little Heirlooms". Each issue will have a theme that we will follow; we hope that you will follow right along with us. If you know of a talented designer or artisan, please pass along their information to us - they just might get featured in an upcoming blog! If you visit any of our featured shops, please let them know where you saw them and that you liked their item(s) As artisans, they always appreciate positive feedback and validation of their talents.


Purevintageclothing showed off with this amazing red crinoline worn as a skirt. The gorgeous vintage red ruffled dress can be found at Scarletvintage on etsy. Jewels4pandas has this sexy black 60s siren dress that is figure flattering in the extreme.

purevintageclothing starletvintage jewels4pands

Laurence Kazar made a household name for himself in the 70s and 80s with this style beaded dress, offered by CassiesAttic. This vintage 50s dress from Traven7 definitely makes a stunning statement. You can certainly keep cool in this cotton sundress we discovered at vintageandmore.

cassiesattic traven7 vintageandmore

We found this pretty Victorian style blouse at jerksinlove on Etsy. Flashbax brought us this gorgeous 1940s vintage lace top that is just yummy. Auroramae wowed us with this sweet vintage top that is so feminine.

jerksinlove flashbax auroramae

This tablecloth shirt from GoodEye was repurposed from a tablecloth and is just lovely. Get this adorable vintage blouse that is so bright and summery at Kinfauns. Kudos to these and these vintage old stock unworn shorts and this leather skirt, so fitted you'd practically have to pour yourself into it.

goodeye kinfauns virginiawho

Our all time favorite was this brightly colored psychedelic skirt by Vintagous which ties with this jumpsuit we discovered at Goodeye, a safari print top looks wonderful over casual jeans and these pychedelic Mr Dino pallazzo pants .

vintagous goodeye1 nodtomodvintage



a wonderful way to take something from the past and turn it into fashionable jewelry as arieltelsa did with her Cross Stitch Ring. Beautiful ingraved bracelet by secondsister in sterling reminds me of the old Victorian jewelry that was given to a loved one. Blondie Necklace by MagicPonyFarm found on Etsy

arieltelsa magicalponyfarm secondsister

Spring Cleaning Earrings in Yellow Glass by JennyKarlsson, Reversible large jennykarlsson grocgroc cooljewelrydesign

WendyHumphreys Good Morning Glory Earrings, Scarlett Rose Vintage Brass Filigree Necklace No 2 and Floral Filigree Jewel Necklace from Secretjewellz in Australia.

wendyhumphries secretjewellz2 secretjewellz

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