Sunday, August 9, 2009


As promised here is the second part of A Look At Indie Vintage. We had thunder and lightening storms the last 4 days so we didn't get out Wednesdays or Fridays post. We've decided to combine them into todays post instead. Again, thank you to all our contributors (writers and stores alike). We appreciate your time, effort and talent in helping us put out our blog. If you haven't been featured as yet, please do not despair, we frequently go back through our responses and revisit stores we haven't used before.


This delightful AnnaMae clutch in gold is the perfect accessory for a night on the town. A must have clutch by Jypsea. A few of us have a real passion for vintage hats and this vintage velvet one with veil is superb! Check it out at delicatecreations’ store on Etsy.

jypsea delicatecreations

Talk about gorgeous and going “green” this recycled cashmere scarf is beautiful as well as functional. Visit caffeinatedfrenzy for more unique items. Cute knit handbag by Ventichai was found on Etsy and is perfect for fall and winter days!

caffeinatedfrenzy ventichai

Another bag we loved was jenniferladd’s handmade retro fabric frame purse in green.


This Trendy Denim Bag by littledoodles1 was just too cute for words.


If you’re going on a trip, make sure to take along this vintage blue vanity train case from shrimpsaladcircus. Used in the old days to take along toiletries, it’s perfect for a short stay.



We found this large tube of bath confetti simply delightful. Get it at That Girls Bath and Body. We found this vintage bath & body tin set at castleofcharm.

thatgirl castleofcharm

What a treasure to find, sealed Designer vintage perfume and soap set offered by vintageitemsnmore.


This Soothing Mint Lip Balm is made by mybirch and can be purchased at the store on Etsy.


We also found this orange and cinnamon soap at Soap Deli on, which is a new venue for the handmade and vintage markets.


This lovely Chantilly bath powder by Houbigant was discovered at jennifergoode’s.



Remember when writing postcards was second nature? Well we found this one with vintage vespa scooter motif at SkribblyKids on etsy. She has a plethora of wonderful designs and items.


Here’s another fine example of vintage postcards, this with lovely flowers from sunmoonstars.


What an easy way to send a greeting card with these postettes offered by PorkyPieDesigns.


Now that we’ve shown you some great stationary, here’s the perfect item to use them with. A vintage writing box done in wicker and wood found at farmcharm. Great wicker 3 piece desk set we uncovered at willienillie’s.

farmcharm willienillies

Dig this vintage office scale with the painted platforms – another neat find from shrimpsaladcircus.



Isn’t this vintage green gooseneck lamp just scrumptuous? This is a perfect compliment to any Shabby Cottage Chic decor. This adorable tea cozy is vintage inspired and perfect for an afternoon tea. Found at brissonte on Etsy.

purpleflowerfairy brissonte

This mid-century modern starburst wall clock would add a new dimension to any room as would this Danish modern coffee table by thelovelys.

theplaypen thelovelys

Pretty French country pillows look snuggly soft and can be purchased at glorygifts.


Don’t you just love this daisy bird feeder? We don’t see many like this! Found at mollysmakery on Etsy. This retro ceramic wall pocket is really groovy! We uncovered these at lovarevolutionary.

mollysmakery lovare


Vintage Wood Grain Metal Bowls are a wonderful 70s relic which we adored and can be found at lovarevolutionary.


What a wonderful vintage piece we discovered at shrimpsaladcircus - a portable bar! It was one of many items we just loved from their shop. Great vintage themed switch plate cover by dandee, found on Etsy.

shirmpsalad dandee

Amazing textile art in the form of this beaded oval coiled basket by SewDanish.


This handpainted sushi set is produced by jkadesigns.


Wonderful Kitchen Aid stand up mixer probably from the 40s and offered by avantgarage.


Any dessert would be proud to grace this vintage cake/dessert stand found at ACollectibleCachet.



If you want to see some amazing, gorgeous photography, you have to visit SaraNorris’ shop on Etsy. We thought this beautiful Ranunculus print reminded us of bygone days when houses were filled with flowers such as these.


We thought this vintage illustration from a cooking book was delightful. Found at beautifulliving on Etsy. You’ll be amazed by this needlepoint painting of Notre Dame by florencewangdesigns.

beautifulliving florencewang

This beautiful print, Bluebird watching, by TheWishingWell is so serene, we just loved it.

the wishing well

Great vintage looking frame with funny saying by Katiekutthroat on Etsy.


This original art “Beach Buddies” by wishcandy has a very 70s look to it and is sweet.


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