Monday, August 3, 2009

Trendy Indie: Another New Selling Venue

We've just found about about another new selling venue out there for Indie Artists, Artisans and Designers. It is called Trendy Indie and has monthly seller plans starting at $5.00 (for 25 items) and going up to $20.00 per month (for unlimited items). They are having a Grand Opening Special where you can get the unlimited items deal for only $9.99 per month......forever. Their upside is that they have no seller listing fees or final value fees. This means you can save what you would have spent on other sites and put back into your business or better yet, into your pocket. We're not sure how long the lauch deal will last so if you're interested, go and sign up now.

Here is a screen shot of their website. They have items that are scrolled through randomly showcasing products on their site. They also showcase artists as well as suppliers each week which is a big bonus if you're a supplier since most other sites only showcase artists.

This shows some of their categories:

Here are their plan specifics:

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