Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fresh New Spin on Baby Onsies

If you know someone with an infant, toddler or child up to age 6, you have got to check out one of our favorite kids wear and art designers, Casey Kroger of The Kase Collective.   She has just completed the cutest collection of  adorable animal and artwork based baby onsies and kids t-shirts.  It is such a fresh approach and her designs are not your old boring pastel blue, pink and yellow.  She adds some spice by making the colors bolder, brighter and using her designs in fun ways.   Her talent for creating her "Kritters", which are both adorable and unique, is endless.

Casey's items have been featured on Zulily, who contacted her about putting her products on their site.  Normally you have to apply and wait for approval since it is a juried site.  Her sales have been more localized to the Denver area but she has a new store on Etsy showcasing her latest designs as well as her website, The Kase Collective.  To accomplish this she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her new line with the hopes of getting them into stores in the near future.  Her ultimate goal is to produce fabric with her trademarked designs and share them with the world.

Check out some of her wonderful baby onsies and Kickstarter offers:
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