Sunday, August 2, 2015

Great Children's Wall Art Prints: Kase Collective Kritters on Zulily

I was looking at one of my favorite sites, Zulily and discovered one of my favorite Etsy stores, Kase Collective, running a sale today.  Zulily is a site that offers discounts on a variety of merchandise, from furniture to clothing and accessories.  Kase Collective Kritters, a collection of juvenile art, is done by Casey Kroger who has an Etsy store called The Kase Collective.  Etsy is  another of the team’s favorite sites for discovering fresh, new indie sellers and items.  We just want to congratulate Casey for her lovely designs being featured on Zulily, whose standards and acceptance guidelines are quite difficult.  It is a juried site and sellers have to apply and have their items judges and deemed good enough to run a sale on Zulily.  I reached out to Casey and found that they liked her items so much that they actually contacted her about putting her artwork on Zulily, quite a rare honor!  Take a look at some of her fabulous artwork and visit the sale at Kase Collective Kritters on Zulily.  **Please note that the gray frame is only to show the image size since they are on white cardstock and each image in an individual image even though they look like 3 or 4 attached..


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