Friday, May 16, 2008


Our main contributor here at Indiegals has been extremely busy helping out a few friends in dire need so I've stepped in to head up our team and do something fun in the meantime.

We all love the Treasury on Etsy and decided to feature some of them here ourselves, including one that we got a few days ago. So many beautiful treasuries never make it to the front page so we thought we'd let them make OUR front page. We also are featuring some of you that wrote to us because we think You should be in a treasury too.

Thank you all for submitting your shops to us for review via, one of our favorite sites. Make sure to check out their contest and deals page while you are there.


Wire Sculpted Cameo Brooch of Couple Dancing by rtanza on the left.

Beautiful In Color Necklace by JPhillipe on the right has glorious jewel tone colors.

Three Pearls in a Pod Ring by Spincus is gorgeous and well as uniquely supreme. The stationary set by HidenSeek is so cute. It is called "A Forest Whisper" and we just adore it.

I Dream of the Beach collage print, above left, by TruBlue is a definite winner as well as Happygirl 64's Thank You note card in aqua. We love the scrolling design that is simple yet elegant.

PhriendlyK8 made this wonderful Bubblegum Fantasy Skirt that we really adore. You have to also check out her amazing fabric paintings. Salmon Flower Hat by P8Accessories is so adorable we just had to include it in our list.


I love these colors!
is filled with wonderful soft muted colors took our breath away and is definitely front page worthy.

Green Green So They Say Its Green is a visual thrill with green as the main color.

I woke up to a treasury is a wash of vivid colors from beautiful items in some wonderful Esty stores.

Alonaphobia is shockingly beautiful, bold and visually stimulating with the stark black and white theme.

Wasabi Salmon just captures your attention with the soft muted pale green and vivid blues.

Pink Chocolate is exactly that with the yummy pink and chocolate brown tones that dominate the color scheme. There are some gorgeous items that are a testiment to the talent to be found on Etsy!

Rainbow Brite was just plain old fun with a psychedelic era theme that made us think about days gone by when color and design ran rampant.

Aqua Cool has got to make it to the front. The color combinations shock and soothe you at the same time. Thrilling.

GINGHAM SUMMER got 2 thumbs up with it's wonderful motif of objects made out of gingham check.

I'll be back... is a stark and wonderfully stirring treat. This is a must see.

Of laughter and forgetting is wondefully soothing and brings about a feeling of peace and calm. Aren't colors wonderful gifts to the eyes?

Click Comment You're In is a wonderful way of giving others a chance to be in a Treasury by commenting and clicking on others that are featured.

Get me to the church on time was just plain ol' sweet with its wedding themed items and cottage chic style.

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