Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heating Up and Cooling Off Indie Style

Well Summer is definitely on its way with the weather heating up here. Luckily we get nice ocean breezes from the Atlantic so that helps combat some of the heat as well as the humidity. The heat caused us to sit around talking about things that cool you down or that look cool. We thought bounced stuff around like how it feels to get into cold crisp cotton sheets at night, how soothing a cool bath can be, stepping into a fountain, swimming at the ocean or just running through a sprinkler. Of course that spawned us into things that actually cool the skin like lotions, oils and creams and winded down to food. Doesn't everything always circle back to food.

So that is what this month's blog is going to be about; the heat and cooling off. With all of the responses to our requests for artists & designers on both Flickr, Etsy and Indiepublic, we had no problem fitting the bill. We are especially fond of our latest addition to Indie Gals, our "Featured Artisan of the Week" section where we introduce you to some of the most talented artists/designers out there.

On a side note, we're still looking for people to feature so feel free to use our contact link. We also haven't gotten any sales or discount coupons from you store owners, so get those in too.


Our featured designer is Erika Hendrix from Her clothes are young, edgy and very exciting. Check out our 20 Questions with Erika to find out more about her and her designs. We think you'll find her as interesting as her clothing below. We here at Indie Gals wish Erika all the luck with her endeavors and thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to us.


1. How old are you? 24

2. Where are you headquartered? Right now Lawton, OK

3. Are you self taught or if schooled, where did you attend? I am completely self taught.

4. Your experience and number of years in business? I am very experienced, even though i learn new stuff every day. I started sewing about 6 years ago and started my business in July 2005.

5. What made you decide to design clothing? I have always been creative and when I was pregnant with my son I felt like sewing :) It worked out pretty good so i decided to sell my clothes.

6. Where do you get your inspiration? Everyday life.

7. What is your approach to designing i.e. Functionality, fun, comfort? What colors and fabrics do you favor and why? My items are comfortable but you can also dress them up - casual chic. I use mostly stretchy fabrics like jersey and almost all my items are made out of natural fibers like cotton or linen. Its so much better for your skin than polyester, I think its important to look and feel good in your clothes! And I love mixing colors and patterns...nothing boring.

8. What is your our biggest accomplishment? My family.

9. As a little girl, what did you want to be and what has changed since then? If you are doing something other than what you wanted to be originally, how did you evolve into this new profession? Haha, I wanted to be a stunt woman or a vet but not so much anymore. Maybe I will become a stunt woman one day :)

10. What can we expect to see from you in the future? Major goals? NY Fashion Week here I come.

11. Do you have any upcoming or recent shows and features? I have had a bunch of features and fashion shows, you can view them all right here: items were in the Ottawa Fashion Week about a week ago and tomorrow (30th) my items will be in the VOP Fashion Show, a Charity Event in Chicago and on the 5th in Dallas in the Trendsetter Fashion Show.

12. How did you become involved with the Indie movement and why? I think its so important not to support sweatshop clothes and mass production. I have been asked to mass produce my items and i said "no, thanks". People are surprised but its not about money its about making a difference.

13. If you could contribute something to the world in general, what would it be? I think i am already doing that, I only buy organic and a lot of local food and I changed all my light bulbs to energy saving ones and stuff like that. Everybody has to do a little something to make the world be a better place.

14. What is your greatest weakness? Chocolate

15. What are your strengths? I am very disciplined and I work very hard and accurate.

16. What designers if any do you wear? I don't care about designer names, if i like something I buy it.

17. What designers do you admire? I don't admire any designers, I like certain styles.

18. What do you do for relaxation? I don't relax...haha

19. Do you ever take a day off? No, not really. I try to but there is never a day that I don't do something that involves my work.

20. What is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you? I think there would be a lot of things, I want people to see my clothes and not me.



Tangent found us through Flickr and we found her adorable tops made from vintage scarves and other fabrics very fresh.

Omanpadmeom's soft creamy wrap top (above right) will keep you as cool as cucumber in the Summer heat.


This wonderful necklace (below left) made us think about lying on a bead of cool grass (yeah we know these are leaves) but it was the color that evoked the thought, okay? It's by artsfarm and really lovely. This fabulous 16in Botswana, Red agate, Jade sterling silver chain Necklace (below right) we found at had both elements paired perfectly against one another. Fire and ice never meshed so beautifully.

The beautiful earrings (below left) by Viduci looked so much like champagne ice cream it melted our hearts! distinque Earrings look like the results of what would happen if the Snow Queen went skinny dipping on a hot summer day, came out and shook her hair. The leaves of nearby trees would be covered with silvered ice, just like these beauties!

Crostini not only creates these wonderful earrings (below left) but she is also a talented artist who works in mixed media. We love these 3 tier drop earrings in sterling silver - a steal at $18. We also feature one of her works of art below in the Home Decor section. Tuizui's "Caribbean in a Cup Earrings" (below right), her vitreous transparent enamel on fine silver with sterling ear wires look like a cool dip in the ocean!


Jenny Carlson made this sweet little purse below with hand embroidered text. The fabric looks like a vintage print and reminded us of a cool Spring day flowers abloom! Stacyleigh's Grey Blue Wide Leather Belt with pearl buckle is a cool customer!

We discovered this adorable hat (below left) for $48, just perfect for keeping the sun at by. By piperandpaisley. Another fabulous find for keeping the sun off your back is this outstanding The Lady Adventuress' Parasol by dbvictoria


You can certainly cool down with one of these custom Country Cottage shower gels by vtsoapfairy and this Watermelon Lime Tease body butter looks good enough to dive into. It is by satinpetalsoap, $8.50 for 5 ounces.


You'll find this fabulous "Who" 5x7 Archival Print at razorberries on Etsy

We put this gourd in because gourds were used in olden days to carry water about in the desert heat. This one is a cool mulberry color and has been transformed into a beautiful incense holder and is available on Etsy from fallentreebaskets. The colors in this gorgeous lampwork bowl (bottom right) by providenceartglass looks like an exotic sherbet.


We also found this adorable little girls dress in size 4T at by Lilia Designs. Talk about the sweetest summery little shoes - these by frostingcouture just blew us away.

ellamonde's Lei Breeze 2pc Dress and Sash (above) available custom sized, is just too cute for words.


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Valerie said...

The photography of Erika's clothing is exquisite---and there's some really cute pieces. Off to go pole around her shop.