Sunday, October 21, 2007

Indie Origins

We were sitting around having a discussion on some of the icons of Indie fashion and it's origins and came up with a short list based on our knowledge. We tossed around names of stars and names of movies that we believe highlighted Indie at it's best. A lot of what we found came out of the 80's Glam Era.

The first icon that we came up with was Madonna, especially when she first arrived on the music scene. Her outrageous and very unique fashion style was imprinted on the minds of thousands of young men and women. She was funky, she was fresh and she was fabulous; in short she helped define the Indie style before the phrase was even coined to include what it does today. The fashions that she wore were playful, sexy, alluring and young women everywhere copied her style. You never knew what to expect from Madonna, but that was what made her stand out among the staid and common. In the movie "Desperately Seeking Susan"(our third icon), Madonna captivates the audience with her panache and daring. This was one of the best movies to show true Indie fashion and style.

The next icon we chose was Cindy Lauper. Who couldn't love the pixie cute and adorable Cindy with her punk hair and funky clothing. Talk about an individual, Cindy's picture should be next to the definition in the dictionary.

"Desperately Seeking Susan" is our third icon which we already touched on briefly. We loved Madonna and Roseanna Arquette but Aidan Quinn was totally yummy.

The movie "Mannequin" totally exemplifies the word Indie. Kim Cattrall is fabulous as the dummy and her outfits are so totally glam 80's. Of course my favorite character in the movie was Hollywood and his outrageous eyeglasses! We would kill to have any one of the pairs he sported in the movie. Unfortunately trying to find images from the movie was impossible so rent the movie and travel back in time a little.

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